Cherokee Creek Fire Department   

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This station was built in the late 1990's in an effort to lower response times and add more adequate fire coverage to the "upper end" of our district. It was also instrumental in lowering the ISO rating for our district in turn lowering insurance premiums. Today approximately half of our members respond out of this station. Below are the apparatus this station houses...

Engine 41:

Engine 41 is a 2011 Pierce Contender carrying 1000 gallons of water supplied by a 1500 GPM pump along with basic equipment needed for firefighting including (various ladders, fire hose, and hand tools). Also equipped with a set of Hurst Auto Extrication equipment, medical supplies and an AED, as well as a 4-gas monitor, It responds first out for all fires and motor vehicle accidents within our district. 

Tanker 42:

Tanker 42 is a 1993 Chevrolet Tanker. Equipped with 1800 gallons of water supplied by a 500 gallon per minute pump, it responds to all fires within our protection area.

Brush 41:

Brush 41 is a 2013 Ford F-350. It was bought new to replace a 1980's model apparatus on loan from the SC Forestry Commission. It is equipped with a 250 gallon skid unit with an on board Class A Foam System. Also equipped with medical supplies including an AED, it responds first out to any medical first response in the upper end of the district as well as first out to any wildland type fire.