Cherokee Creek Fire Department   

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Have you ever wanted to give back to your community but didn't know how? Do you like helping others? Do you like being part of a team to accomplish things? If so, we have a place for you!!!! There is no better feeling than to help a friend, neighbor, or even a complete stranger in their time of need. The Cherokee Creek Volunteer Fire Department is constantly seeking qualified and trustworthy individuals to join our team. 

Most people are under the impression that since we are a "Fire Department", if you join you have to be a firefighter.... Not true, there is a place for you!!!! While we are seeking firefighters you can also join to be strictly a Medical First Responder, Driver / Engineer, Support (bringing drinks and refreshments to fire scenes among other things. See below for requirements to join.

The State of South Carolina has gone to great lengths to ensure that both career and volunteer firefighters are kept safe. They have also gone to those same lengths to ensure that in the unfortunate event that you are injured or worse, that you are not left without income for you or your family. Our department pays for every member to be a member of the South Carolina State Firefighters Association. Membership with this association will afford you many opportunities and benefits. A detailed list of benefits offered for Injury or Death through the Firefighters Association can be found by clicking on the image above. It is important to note that our Fire Department also covers you with Workman's Compensation Insurance as well as more in depth insurance through our department at no cost to the member.

Other Benefits Include:

Free Admission to the SC Fire Rescue Conference 

Educational Discounts

Housing and Mortgage Rates and Discounts

Discounts at Various Retailers and Vacation Spots

Other Discounted Insurance

Discounted Cell Phone Rates

And Much More!!!!

For more details and information, please see the "Join our Team" tab or feel free to contact us!!!!