Cherokee Creek Fire Department   

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Unfortunately for many years now, South Carolina has consistently ranked in some of the top states for fire fatalities. One of our main goals is to prevent these injuries and fatalities before they occur. It is our belief that this can be accomplished by educating the public on various types of fire related dangers. Below are some of the services that we offer FREE OF CHARGE, please contact us for more information.......


Fire Extinguisher Training for Businesses including Apartment Complexes

Fire Prevention Talks with Adults and Children (Schools, Churches, Civic Groups)

Residential Fire & Life Safety Inspections

Smoke Detector Installations - We provide smoke detector and/or replacement batteries for those that their income will not allow them to purchase them. If you have bought a smoke detector or batteries that you would like us to install we will do that also at no charge.



Fire and Life Safety Inspections:


The Cherokee Creek VFD is required to perform regular Fire and Life Safety Inspections on all non residential occupancies  inside our fire district. Just as the title states, these inspections are meant to protect you the business owner as well as your customers and employees. These inspections are not meant to invade your privacy and are certainly not meant to cost you money or close your business. These inspections are performed in accordance with codes from the International Fire Code. We are mainly looking for fire and safety hazards such as excessive use of drop cords, blocked or locked exits, high piled combustible storage near an ignition source. We also check to see that you have the required number of fire extinguishers, in the correct places and that they are serviced by a licensed person annually. A common misconception is that if you have a violation of any kind you will be fined, penalized or even shut down. In fact if a violation is found with the exception of a violation that is an immediate danger to life or health (which shall be corrected on the spot) you will be given 30 days to fix the violation. If you are a business owner inside of our fire protection area and a firefighter comes in to perform such an inspection please keep this in mind. If that time is not a good time, please nicely ask the firefighter to reschedule.


Pre Fire Plans:


The Cherokee Creek VFD also performs a Pre Fire Plan on all non residential occupancies. The purpose of this is to simply retrieve information that may be of importance on an emergency incident after business hours or where a knowledgeable person of the business is not available, this also helps us to meet and become familiar with business owners in our area. Some information we ask for is key holder information, this is a person we can call after business hours to prevent forcible entry and damaging your property. We also obtain utilities information, any hazardous materials on site, as well as dimensions and a general lay out of your business. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to nicely voice them to the firefighter and he will be happy to explain.